Motion Control Software – Latest Updates, Specifications, Features

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Motion control software is set of computer programs used in the robotic industry, automation, and in engineering. Motion control software is used to control and monitor the movements of the machines. The Motion control software universally used in the packing materials, printing industry, textile industry, semiconductor manufacturing industry, car assembly lines industry etc. The Motion Control software that don’t any programming lets the engineers no longer have to write lines of application code to program motion. In almost all the motion control software’s, the engineers job is to fill in blanks on a computer screen. The programmer can simply enter the data on desired final position, speed, number of axes, or position points, and the remaining part is done by the software itself.

The reason behind the opaque communication between the sensors of a machinery and the components of a motion control software is because the motion control software’s components are integrated with the hardware and these components enable to handle, and automate factors like velocity, positioning, motion trajectory, pressure, force control, and gearing.

The important components of a Motion Control Software are:

  • HMI – Human Machine Interface.
  • Network-based Motion Controllers.
  • ACS – Advanced Communication Solution.
  • PLC – Programmable Logic Controller.

Motion Control Software Features & Specifications:

Motion Control Software is user friendly, and very easy-to-use software comes in a range of application capabilities.

  • Some of the Motion Control Software programs handle only single-axis linear motion.
  • Some of them handle up to 40 motion axes, coordinated and interpolated.
  • Some programs only set up and tune a drive or drive system.
  • Motion control software offers an easy-to-use software package for your motion control needs.

Graphic Icons:

Graphic icons are used to describe the motion system in the form of a flow chart. The Motion Control software will convert the icon i.e. in the form of the flowchart into the code and transmits that code in to the drive.

Integrated Diagnostics:

The best examples for these integrated diagnostics are digital oscilloscopes, spread sheets etc these features make the operations that can be done with just one key. These features saves the maximum time of the programmer.

DDE – Dynamic Data Exchange:

Dynamic Data Exchange captures and quickly transmits data from a device, such as a motion controller, to software applications such as spreadsheets, plotting routines, and operator interfaces.

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File Management:

Some of the Motion Control programs will also manage the file uploading and downloading, and archive the application programs.

CAD interface:

A few programs can receive files from CAD software. These programs will take the CAD data and create lines of code to manipulate the axes to trace the pattern.

The best selling Motion Control Software’s in the market:

SIMOTION by Siemens:

Siemens offers a wide range of solutions for motion controlling in any kind of industry.

Siemens is a highly integrated package of engineering, runtime and hardware.

Rockwell Automation:

Rockwell Automation provide a range of tools for motion control software. Their product range include tools like Actuators, Encoders, Motion Software, Drives, Motors, and Safety Motion Control.

Motion Control Using NI-Motion in Ch:

ChNIMotion enables user programs to use the FlexMotion C library and run on the fly without compilation.

RHex Robot Control Software Libraries:

RHexLib is the control software library for the RHex robot.

RHexLib offers an efficient real-time static scheduler, low level motion control tools and state machine based controller designs.

Three Axis Telescope Control:

  • The threeaxis project offers support for controlling three axis telescope mounts.
  • The Threeaxis also provides documentation of pointing equations, a simulation of the mount’s motion, and real-time control software.


  • Senriska is the motion control software for camera surveillance with motion detection.
  • Senriska works with any USB or IP camera.
  • Whenever the Sebriska detects a motion, the program starts recording and a message is send via email and/or SMS.

Motion Control Library:

  • The LibMotionControl combines different serial protocols of external motion controllers to one generic interface.
  • The LibMotionControl already implemented for one DC-motor (Maxon ASCII-protocol) and two stepper motor controllers (AML, Phytron).

LAP – Linear Application Programmer:

  • LAP reduces engineer programming time for single-axis linear motion.
  • LAP Motion Control software program generates the code necessary to create the moves.
  • For actuators, ball screws, and other linear devices, engineers need only enter parameters into the software.
  • LAP is a windows format that includes point-and-click operation, selectable speeds and accelerations, and flexible input assignments. Engineers can also define move sequences in a spreadsheet.
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BRU Master:

BRU Master offers parameter and I/O configuration to set up a drive for a specific application, manual or automatic drive tuning, and several on-screen tools that help engineers integrate a drive into their system.


  • VisualMotion enables engineers develop programs for the CLC multi-axis motion control system.
  • VisualMotion is a windows based motion control software, that has pull-down menus for access to setup and limit parameters of the motion controller and digital servo drives.
  • VisualMotion uses point-and-click icon programming, including editing, program compilation, and downloading functions.

Advanced Motion Language, (AML):

  • AML offers what it calls a soft motion controller.
  • AML enables engineers control multi-axis motion from industrial PCs.
  • AML uses object-oriented programming.

MCAPI, from Precision MicroControls:

 MCAPI uses Windows in its line of multi axis motion control cards.

  • Hardware interfacing is managed and that comes in three parts they are:
  • A low-level device driver provides communication between the motion control and Windows operating system.
  • Dynamic Link Library (DDL), (communication code that links various devices to a PC), communicates with the driver.
  • The library implements the motion function of the software.


Thomson Motion control Software offers a DOS-based representation of a Windows environment that uses icons to define a move profile.

Specifications & Features:

  • Real-Time Diagnostics
  • On-Screen Editing
  • Terminal Emulation
  • Manual Tuning Display
  • Multi Axis Coordination
  • Interface for a DXF or HPGL post processor
  • Engineers can use this feature to download CAD or graphics files.

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