How to Configure a D-Link Router DR-819

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DR-819 is a wireless AC750 Dual Band Router which consists of a Router, power adaptor, RJ-45 or Ethernet Cable. This particular model is built with3 Antennas, on the top of the router there are 5 LED lights, first light indicates the power signal, second one indicates the ISP signal or Internet signal, third one indicates the WIFI signal and the remaining indicates the LAN connections. Coming to the back side of the router there is a power switch, yellow coloured port called Internet port, and the last 4 ports are called LAN ports through which you can connect 4 PC’s or Laptops through the ethernet cables.

How to Configure a D Link Router Explained on YouTube:

Power connection to be established by connecting the power adaptor, you can access the internet by keeping the internet cable in the yellow coloured port. You can connect the PC’s or Laptops’ or other external devices to access internet through the ethernet cables by using the last four ports.

How to Connect the D-Link Router?

  • First plugin the power adaptor
  • Connect the Wi-Fi with the internet cable
  • Now turn on the Wi-Fi by using a power switch
  • You can see the LED indicator lights indicating power signal, Internet Connection and WIFI.

How to Configure the D-Link Router?

Before starting the process please note down the IP address and the password mentioned at the bottom of the router.

  • First turn on the router connected PC/Laptop to configure the router
  • Now go to the Google Search bar and type the IP address which is mentioned on the bottom of the router and hit the enter button.
  • You will be directed to the D-Link login window.
  • In the D-Link login window, you can see the username and password options, by default the user name is admin and you are logging in first time so leave the password option blank and click the login button.
  • You will be directed to the Status window, that displays the details of the router like Manufacture name, LAN & WAN Configurations.
  • Once go through the details and select the Setup option which is present on the top.
  • You will be directed to the setup window and select Internet setup option which is present at the left top.
  • You will be redirected to the WAN Interface window where you need to select the options.
  • Select pppoE option, because it enables you to access the high secured internet.
  • Coming to the user name, you have to give the user name which you have been using as the user name for the internet service provider.
  • Now choose a strong password of your choice and click on the apply changes button.
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How to Configure D-Link Wi-Fi ?

After completing the D-Link Router configuration now its time to configure the Wi-Fi so select the Wireless network option on the top.

  • You will be directed to the Wireless network window.
  • Here you need to enable the SSID by clicking on the small box.
  • Now name the SSID by choosing name of your choice.
  • In Mode option, select 802.11 b/g/n, it is advanced version and enables you for secured and easy internet access.
  • Channel – This option enables you to restrict the number of devices to be connected to the Wi-Fi, so choose accordingly.
  • Band Width – Auto
  • Security Options – there are different options, select the last option it is the latest and the advanced version it protects your Wi-Fi with a password.
  • Now choose a strong password to protect your Wi-Fi and enter the password in the Pre-Shared key field.
  • Your D-Link Wi-Fi Router is ready you can enjoy the internet now.

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