How to Add Calculator to Word

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To do the basic calculations, we mostly open the windows calculator and complete our calculation part. Even we do the same thing while working on a word document and most of us don’t know how to add a calculator while writing a document. There is an option of adding a calculator to the Microsoft Word while you are working on it. By using that option we can complete the calculations being in the word document itself.

Adding a Calculator to Word Process:

  • Open a Microsoft word document where you want to add a calculator.
  • In that word document, on the top of the screen, right click on the toolbar.
  • Now select Customize Toolbars and Menus.
  • In the Toolbars and Menus, click on the Commands tab.
  • Select Tools on the left side of the screen.
  • On the right side, search until you find Tools Calculate.
  • Now drag and drop that item up to your toolbar.
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How to do Basic Calculations by Using the Calculator in Word?

  • Open the Microsoft word document in which you want to do the calculations.
  • Click on the File menu, select options from the recent submenu in the File menu.
  • Now click Customize Ribbon on the left side column.
  • Here, click new tab in the Customize Ribbon.
  • Now right click the New Group category.
  • After that, choose rename on the list menu.
  • Now we need to type Calculator in the Display name.
  • After typing, click ok button.
  • Now choose Commands not in the ribbon from the list box.
  • Then, click on the Calculate command in the group boxes below the Commands Not in the Ribbon.
  • Now click Calculate command
  • Click Add button in the middle, where you can see the Calculate command has been added to the right Main Tabs and click ok button.
  • Now select the equation along with the equals to symbol, because if you won’t select the equals to symbol you won’t get the result.
  • After selecting the equation, then click New Tab option which was created by you.
  • After clicking on new tab option you can see the icon turns to green colour.
  • Now Click the Calculate option, which is present on the left-down side of the Word screen, where you can see the result of the calculation.
  • By looking at the answer, you can type the result by yourself or you can place your cursor behind the equal mark, and by Just pressing the Ctrl+ V you can have the same result on your document.

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