How to Use Excel Index Match

Excel Index match is the best alternative and sometimes better than VLOOKUP for getting the intended results. Excel index match has many features, through this article you can know the basics of index and match functions, and how to use index match in excel. Index Function: INDEX (array , row_num, [column_num]) Where array  –  range

MS Excel Keyboard Shortcut keys

Most of us don’t know all the keyboard shortcut keys though we work on Ms excel daily because it depends completely on the requirement of them while we are working on it. Through this article we are providing all the MS Excel Keyboard Shortcut keys for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Windows app, Web along with

How to Create a Mail Merge Using Microsoft Excel

Mail merge is a great tool for creating letters, certificates, labels etc. Mail Merge is a great feature in Microsoft Excel, that automatically generate letters, postcards, emails, flyers and countless other marketing materials to keep in touch with your current and prospective clients. Mail merge is used to generate multiple documents at once, therefore, mail